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Remote Control TV


Forget the physical controller tv! Now you can use your phone as a functional TV remote control! Now you can change channels and navigate your smart device simply by clicking a button on your phone! The TV remote can work with almost every TV manufacturer! Watching TV assistive TV controller!Thank you download this free app, you can now control your Smart TV with this TV Remote Control, this is a cool Android app that lets you control your TV with your smartphone or tablet.
How to use:1. Open the application and go to Settings2. Set your TV model and other options3. Back to the remoteThe operation is the same as the remote real TV.
Universal Remote Control TV Pro can control all smart TV with a simple network.This application turns your phone into a true universal remote control.TV remote control is a virtual universal remote that allows you to connect your TV from your smartphone.
This application is compatible with:
1 remote control for LG TV2 Remote control for Samsung TV3 Remote Control for Sony TV4 Remote control for Vizio TV5 Remote Control for Panasonic TV6 remote control for Sharp TV
If your TV does not work, please write to use your model and we will try to make sure it works in an update! Please be patient as we try to make this application compatible with many applications as possible.